Ukrainian Data Network

Frequently Asked Questions

cPanel WHM, Directadmin, Plesk...
If you want those you have to install them yourself.
If you need assistance with managing your installation, we'd be happy to help.

Running a mail relay
You can run a mail relay. We do not filter anything. However, we have no tolerance for Spammers.

Running a Tor Exit Node
We are strong supporters of Tor and have no problem with it.

Control Panel for Management and Billing
The Control Panel allows you to consult your details and the details of your services. We have a self-service payment system with Bitcoin, Monero, Paypal and Stripe (Visa, MasterCard and other systems supported by Stripe.). P2P payments (Bitcoin, Monero) are processed without third parties.

PTR records
PTR records can be customized. You can also use the nameservers of your choice with routed IPv6 networks.

Custom OS
Any OS can be set up as long as supported by the system.

Affiliate program
Please contact us.

Spoofing, DoS and other script-kiddie activities
We have ZERO tolerance for activities that impair on the normal functioning of our network or that of a third party.

This site is ugly
It fucking works.