Ukrainian Data Network

Bitcoin Exchange

We're interested in providing people with convenient ways to buy and sell Bitcoin with us.

We have had experience with the following payment systems:

SWIFT : Reliable. Fast enough.
SEPA : Reliable and fast. Transactions may be pretty much instant, but not always.
Skrill : Works but sometimes ask additional verifications after they have already charged the money.
TransferWise : Fast and surprisingly reliable. The support is also friendly.
WorldRemit : Absolute garbage. Sends threats to remove mentions of their company then ban you from using their service if you don't comply.
Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA... : Generally work, but sometimes cancel transfers while they are being picked up and never explain as to why this has happened.
Cash : Always work and very reliable!
Xoom : Works. This is a Paypal service, it has been surprisingly reliable so far.

Please contact us for rates and more details!