Article 15: Censorship is prohibited - Constitution of Ukraine


The Ukrainian Resilient Data Network

UrDN is a hosting provider operating from Sweden and Ukraine.

We provide a range of Internet services with a commitment for scientific, non-profit and anti-censorship projects. We're a strong advocate of Free and Open-source softwares, privacy, anonymity and network neutrality.

IPv4+IPv6 on all services.
Technical support available via email and jabber/xmpp.
No personal data required.

14 June 2017

Ukraine: We do not apply censorship on our network. Furthemore the dictator's decree of Ukraine is in total violation with the law and the constitution of Ukraine. Use of thugs against Internet Service Providers does not impress us.

16 April 2016

KVM/Qemu powered Virtual Machines are now available in Malmö (Sweden). This service is beta.

03 March 2016

We continue our legal action against the Security Service of Ukraine crooks to recover our machines. Meanwhile we are about to begin providing services from Sweden.